VPN tunnel down alarm missing tunnel name in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


We have a requirement where the team is expecting to get Name of the tunnel along with the VPN tunnel down alarm.

At present in the alarm details there is local gateway ip and remote gateway IP details.

We want  the tunnel name in the alarm title along with VPN tunnel down.



The vendor event missing the tunnel name so we cannot display it in Spectrum.

the event 5b10026 looks as follows in event config editor.

An "fgTrapVpnTunDown" event has occurred, from {t} device, named {m}.

The specified VPN tunnel has been brought down.

fnSysSerial = {S 1}
sysName = {S 2}
fgVpnTrapLocalGateway = {O 3}
fgVpnTrapRemoteGateway = {O 4}

the trap is


OBJECTS { fnSysSerial, sysName, fgVpnTrapLocalGateway, fgVpnTrapRemoteGateway }

STATUS current DESCRIPTION "The specified VPN tunnel has been brought down." ::= { fgTrapPrefix 302 }

The tunnel name included in the trap so it's not possible to get Spectrum to include it in the alarm. 


Release : 20.2

Component :


Please discuss with the vendor if you feel that the trap is missing vital information.