Keeping track of software the users installed in their User profile


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Inventory Solution IT Management Suite



Do you keep track of software the users installed in their User profiles?
Is there a table to tell which user profile the software is installed under?


This is what the customer is trying to accomplish:
The issue is sometimes we want to remove certain software from all our machines but the software is installed on a user profile that no longer uses the machine. Altiris keeps trying to uninstall the software but it can't because the current user profile is not the one that has the software installed. If we were able to query which user profile it was installed under, we would be able to make sure not to run the uninstall unless the user profile that the software is installed under is logged in.


ITMS 8.5, 8.6


The following sample query should show Computer resource - Installed SW component - User installing Software: 

select comp.Name as [Computer Name], sc.Name as [Software Component Name], usr.Name as [User Name] 
from Inv_InstalledSoftware invis left join vComputer comp on comp.Guid = invis._ResourceGuid left join vSoftwareComponent sc on sc.Guid = invis._SoftwareComponentGuid left join RM_ResourceUser usr on usr.Guid = invis.UserGuid