BlazeMeter Private Location Assignments for Testing


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Is it possible to specify a specific Ship/Agent inside a Private Location/Harbor as a location for a test in a YAML file?

This is required to meet a need to assign individual scripts to individual load generating machines in a Private Location. 


Release : SAAS



At present, there are no facilities available anywhere in BlazeMeter to control the actual ship (agent) from a Private Location (harbor) to be used to run a test - this includes the location specification of a YAML file.

As stated in the On-Premise Locations section of the Get the Location Name article, it is only possible identify the harbor that the test will run on when specifying a location.

The ship that is used will be determined by BlazeMeter at run time.  Using the harbor location name, it is possible to configure this location in a YAML script using the instructions found in the Configuring Cloud Locations section of the Cloud Provisioning Taurus article.

A workaround to meet the requirement of running specific scripts on specific agents would be to create multiple Private Locations with a single agent assigned to each Private Location.  In that case, the YAML file can be configured to execute on the Private Location with the agent where the script needs to run.