ECLI no error but also no output, command seems to work fine


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CA Workload Automation AE


WebUI is not displaying output from ECLI commands.  No error / output in the panes. The command itself seems to run fine.


Normal execution of a command via ECLI would show output like this

  1. Confirmation: "Execute" action attempted; view the Output section for the command results.


If a command that is not supported is attempted, you get an error like below

CAUAJM_E_71255 The specified command [ foobar ] is not present in the list of allowable commands.
StatusCode: 500, URL:


But this customer situation was resulting in no text at all to the Errors nor Output panes. Its just null.    Command appears to run fine though.

No text shows up in the output / error panes


WCC's commandapp.log shows something like this:



 <commandRequest><command>autorep -h -saml &quot;UserSession;Version-1.0;80e1ef18b587045b464831d647d2bf8-60f81f47-a40f0870-121f3&quot;</command><osUser>ejmcommander</osUser><osPassword>748596C9045F0478597FF899F858DE15</osPassword><timeout>300000</timeout></commandRequest>
2021-09-01 13:50:52,403 @ecli <      Thread-48> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # Status: 200
2021-09-01 13:50:52,403 @ecli <      Thread-48> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # Response: {}
2021-09-01 13:50:58,808 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #CommandProcess                     # Executing request for AutoSys
2021-09-01 13:50:58,808 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #CommandProcess                     # command: autorep -h
2021-09-01 13:50:58,808 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # URL:
2021-09-01 13:50:58,808 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # Body:
 <commandRequest><command>autorep -h -saml &quot;UserSession;Version-1.0;122199e72374b468dca62d8b68202bc5-60f81f47-a40f0870-121f7&quot;</command><osUser>ejmcommander</osUser><osPassword>748596C9045F0478597FF899F858DE15</osPassword><timeout>300000</timeout></commandRequest>
2021-09-01 13:50:58,925 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # Status: 200
2021-09-01 13:50:58,925 @ecli <      Thread-49> []  INFO #WebServerCommandClientReq          # Response: {} - ejmadmin [01/Sep/2021:13:50:52 -0400] "POST /AEWS/command HTTP/1.1" 200 12 - ejmadmin [01/Sep/2021:13:50:58 -0400] "POST /AEWS/command HTTP/1.1" 200 12



Notice that the HTTP code is 200 Success,  which means that the operation finished fine.  However, the Response was just 12 bytes, which was pretty much an empty from WCC perspective.




Missing Read/Execute permissions on $AUTOSYS/bin/AutoSysCommandWrapper


To arrive at this conclusion, we had to run Autosys Web Server via strace like below

ps  -few|grep AEWS|grep -v grep
# this gives the PID of the Java process for the web server

strace -f -p <PID_from_above>  -o /tmp/aews_strace.out
# the command holds onto your command prompt, leave it as is, don't control C or anything
# this command starts tracing all the low level OS calls that the process is placing.

Do the WCC ECLI test now. Once the test is done,  do a control C  on the strace above

/tmp/aews_strace.out file now shows the needed data


3741  lstat("/opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autouser.PRD/webserver",  <unfinished ...>
55859 execve("/opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autosys/bin/AutoSysCommandWrapper", ["AutoSysCommandWrapper", "-t"], 0x7ffebebec818 /* 75 vars */ <unfinished ...>
3741  <... lstat resumed>{st_mode=S_IFDIR|0755, st_size=80, ...}) = 0
55859 <... execve resumed>)             = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)
3741  lstat("/opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autouser.PRD/webserver/webapps",  <unfinished ...>



Release : 12.0



To resolve the issue, run the below commands. No restart of AEWS/WCC is needed.

# cd $AUTOSYS/bin
# chown root:root AutoSysCommandWrapper
# chmod 4755 AutoSysCommandWrapper

# ls -al AutoSysCommandWrapper
-rwsr-xr-x.  1 root    root       36352 Jun 16  2020 AutoSysCommandWrapper