Server connection failed to connect to NS while booting to WinPE


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Deployment Solution


When attempting to boot to PXE using Deployment Solution, the endpoint is unable to connect to the Notification Server (NS) when SSL/HTTPS is enabled. *Warn Server Connection: Failed to connect to NS Server, retrying in a minute, error: A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or timestamp in the signed file (0x800B0101)





When resetting the Bios to Factory Default on an endpoint you are trying to boot to WinPE, this issue might occur. This isn´t a product issue but related to the date/time set in the BIOS of the machine that is booting to WinPE. In at least one instance, this was noticed when the BIOS was set to an earlier date/time than the validity window of the certificate bound on the NS (HTTPs). Because of this, the endpoint was unable to verify if the certificate was within its validity period because the machine itself was set to a date earlier than the "valid from" date of the certificate bound on the NS


Any release of Deployment Solution

Component: Preboot environment, NS Certificate, DS


Set the correct date/time in the BIOS settings of the endpoint before attempting to boot to automation/PXE.