How to enable Availability field in DX OI?


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DX Operational Intelligence


How to enable the Availability field in DX OI? By default, it is not showing data:


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


You can only associate App Synthetic Monitor(ASM) metrics to this field. We are developing to map Unified Infrastructure Manager(UIM) and Application Performance Management(APM)

1. In the Service Detail page ( service overview page click on the service), click on 3 dots for more options and select edit service.
2.  Select the service in the topology and on right-hand side, you should see the service details section.
3. Scroll down to "Key Performance Indicators"

Check if Availability is configured or not.

Following Screenshot:

If it not configured you will see no data. 


Additional Information

More Details from documentation how to configure Availability

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Availability:

 Enables you to select the metrics. click icon and select the metrics. The default source is ASM. You can also use the filters to drill down the metrics. If you want to clear the availability selection that you made, use the 
clear option. For more information see: