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When attempting to release a manual dependency message 'NO MANUAL ACTIONS' occurs.


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I am trying to schedule a job with a manual dependency but when I try  to release the dependency I get a NO MANUAL ACTIONS message. 






Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC



The DOCLIB member by the same name as job  had the following:

 :0 RELEASE WHEN READY TO RUN                               =MTWTFSS     

The syntax for the documentation member is as follows:

:n──text of message or manual action to be performed──procprd─

If you place n with a 0 (zero), Jobtrac will print the specified message on the Display Schedule listing for the event (no Manual Action Detail panel is created).   If you replace n with any numeral 1 through 8, the Scheduled Event Detail screen will show a field called 'Manual Actions' right after the 'Location' field. A Manual Action Detail panel is created by placing M by the event on the checkpoint or entering the command MANUAL or MACT at the COMMAND field of an event's Scheduled Event Detail panel.  The panel displays the specified manual action in a checklist (for information about the Manual Action Detail panel, see the Operator Guide).  The Manual Action Detail panel specifies tasks to be performed before an event is executed.  As you complete each task on the checklist, you remove an X from the field to the left of the task. When you remove the last X on the list, the event's manual dependency code (M) is automatically removed.