The Autosys services shutdown due to Sybase database procedure cache limit


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CA Workload Automation AE


The application server service shuts down intermittently with the following error -

[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_E_18000 Database function call <ct_results> failed in <parseInternal> with return code: CS_CMD_FAIL
[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_E_18016 Server: XXXXXXXX
[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_E_18018 Server message: Message number(701), Severity(17), State(3), Line(1), Message String: There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure ASE with more procedure cache.
[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_W_10900 The database monitoring system has detected a potential problem with the database.
[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_I_10901 The database monitoring system is beginning validation of database connections.
[08/31/2021 21:43:41]      CAUAJM_E_10656 The database <XXXXXX:XXXXXXXX> has encountered a critical error. Please contact the database administrator.


This error occurs when the database procedure cache is not large enough to execute a stored procedure, trigger, or batch of one or more SQL statements. This can happen when loading a query plan into procedure cache or when resolving or compiling a procedure, trigger, or batch.


Release : 11.3.6 and higher

Component : CA Workload Automation AE, CA Workload Control Center


Contact the Sybase administrator and get the procedure cache reconfigured as required.

Then restart the application server service.

Sybase official documentation for database Error 701