After upgrade to 21.2.1, the admin user has to login every few minutes.


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After upgrading to 21.2.1, we are seeing that the admin user is constantly being prompted to login after switching views.

We are no longer able to share the default admin user login. When one person is logged in with the admin account and another person logs in using the same admin account, the first user is logged out. This is seen for all users where the user account is shared by more than one person.

Concurrent user logins fail.


Multiple users logging in as the admin user. This violates a new security feature added starting with the r20.2.8 release. It implemented a change which by default prevents concurrent user logins.


All DX NetOps Performance Management releases r20.2.7 and earlier upgraded to r20.2.8 and newer.


You can control this feature to allow concurrent logins. This is not recommended. The recommended alternative is generating a new user account for each user accessing the system to avoiding account sharing.

To change this feature to allow concurrent logins we have two options:

  1. Change it using the Portal UI per the Configure the DX NetOps Security Settings Using NetOps Portal documentation.
    1. Go to Administration->Configuration Settings->Security Settings
    2. Scroll down to the Web Browser Session Management section.
    3. Disable the "A user can have only one active browser session (other sessions are automatically logged out)" option.
  2. Using the SsoConfig tool.
    • Documentation about using SsoConfig to change the concurrent sessions option is found on the Configure Web Browser Session Settings Using the SSO Configuration Tool page.
    • Use the tool to modify the Performance Center "Users may have multiple concurrent sessions" option.
    • The SsoConfig command is found in the (default path) /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter directory.
    • When set to Enabled it will not allow concurrent user logins.
    • When set to Disabled it will allow concurrent user logins.
    • Recommended change is done using the "Remove Value" option.

Additional Information

The Security Settings page was first added to the NetOps Portal in the r20.2.9+ and r21.2.x releases.

  • It is available in all r21.2.x releases.
  • It is not available in r20.2.8 and earlier releases.
  • Any release r20.2.8 and earlier must use the SsoConfig tool to modify this option.