Deployment and update control file then getting the error


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


Deployment and update control file getting the error for changes 


Found the problem in log file "Agent_BWOAS99APROD_Job_2590343_JobServerID_2590362.log"

The process is failing in this step:
2021-08-26 12:25:59,283 - Ending Action PCLI - Get Control File from PVCS(P3088.F182483.E182485.E182490) 
 Action Type: Run Command Line 
 Action State: true 
 Action Description: Run Command Line action has finished successfully.<BR>Return value: -3<BR>Std out: <BR>Std err: Serena PVCS Version Manager (PCLI) v8.5.0.0 (Build 055) for Windows NT/80x86
Copyright (C) 1985-2013 Serena Software. All rights reserved.
12:25:59 Aug.26.21 [Error] 
The project root could not be loaded: "\\pvcs/pdb_Informatica_SAP_ERP".
<BR>Command line executed: pcli.exe get -r"" -z -a"C:\Deploy\Informatica_SAP_ERP\Control" -pr"\\pvcs/pdb_Informatica_SAP_ERP" -id"INFRA:*****" "/Control"<BR> 


Release : 6.6

Component :


They moved that PVCS group back to the old version on Friday morning and after that, they were able to run that deployment with success. For now, they have put a hold on the PVCS (which is our file/exe repository) upgrade project until they can get it working with Release Automation.