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Installation fails on Linux with error "Unable to create configuration file"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The installation of Dollar Universe 6 on a particular Linux server fails with the following kind of error:

+ [ -z /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml ] + [ /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml '=' clean ] + /seyc/livraisons/dollaru/du_as_6.8.41_linux_26_64/tools/uxinsmod /tmp/templateconf.var_130990 /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml_new /seyc/livraisons/dollaru/du_as_6.8.41_linux_26_64/./tools/uniinstall: line 1800: 15568: Killed + [ 265 -ne 0 ] + logexit 'Unable to create configuration file /universedata/universe/VLPAAP10/CSIFPR/data/values.xml_new'

The same problem was reproduced several times while trying to install the product.

If we launch the faulty command manually:

/seyc/livraisons/dollaru/du_as_6.8.41_linux_26_64/tools/uxinsmod /tmp/templateconf.var_130990 /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml_new

It works as it generates a file /universedata/universe/NODE/COMPANY/data/values.xml_new with the proper variables values and returns no error.


Root cause unknown, most likely a filesystem or permission issue.


Release : 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe


Issue resolved after installing again the product on the same filesystems after having cleaned the leftovers from previous attempts.