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Setup libraries such as TICABLL when upgrading Gen


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During the upgrade to GEN r8.6, there was a problem with Syslib allocation in the link/bind step while creating a new version program in a separate environment. 

 For setup library names such as TICABLL on ISPPROF (others may exist such as -  TICABDL, TICABLC, TICENVL)  

  • Where are the libraries like TICABLL defined? 
  • How are they copied/created in ISPPROF?
  • Will they be kept during the upgrade?




Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Host Encyclopedia


The members in the <userid>.ISPF.ISPPROF do not need to be copied over to the new environment. They will be created as needed while using the Gen product. 

The library names found in TICABLL, for example, will not match anything within Parmlib.  This is internal data stored temporarily in the ISPF tables.

The TICABLL pertains to the construction libraries for external action block load libraries. This means there was a model that had those names in the construction libraries. Again, this is just a temporary table used internally and it can be changed with every generation/installation/upgrade.