RiskFabric Queue Processing job fails to complete


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The temporary job RiskFabric Queue Processing runs without completing. Stopping and restarting the job has no effect. The RiskFabric database table Queue_Action contains items in a running state (ActionStatusCode = 'R'), with multiple actions in a perpetual pending state (ActionStatusCode = 'P').


The Queue_Action table contains sets of commands to be processed together and the Queue_ActionCommand table contains the individual commands to be run (e.g., classification and mitigation updates). Some sets are in a pending state, but their individual commands are in a completed state. Because of this, the stored procedure spQueue_PerformActions fails to generate individual jobs to process the queue, creating a backlog.

The root cause of this condition can vary, but is believed to be caused by an environmental factor (e.g., server restart, network outage, etc.) that occurred during a previous RiskFabric Queue Processing job run.


Release : 6.5.x

Component : Queue Processing


Contact Broadcom technical support for assistance with resolving this issue.