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Service Catalog custom help page is only loading in Internet Explorer


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CA Service Catalog


We spotted that the help page is only loading in Internet Explorer, We get an error in chrome and Firefox.




Release : 17.2

Component : SDM - Catalog


The help system is working as expected through the UI - clicking on what would normally be the "Help" option in the top right (renamed to "Support" on your environment) brings up the custom support page in all browsers. For more detail of how this was performed, please see the documentation here:

The URL for doing so, however, changed between when the client set up this custom page and release 17.2 - if users have the old page bookmarked, then Chrome and Firefox render the HTML as plain text from the old location. This change was made so that in a non-custom environment the Help option is more context-sensitive - the documentation page you land on is the one relevant for the location in the CA Service Catalog UI you press it.

The solution here is for users who have bookmarked the old Support page to update their saved URL accordingly.