Export to file: maximum number of polling attempts has been reached


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IT Analytics


When attempting to export a view created in IT Analytics' (ITA) cube viewer, the export fails after running for an extended period of time and the console displays the following error:

IT Analytics
The maximum number of polling attempts has been reached; export status unknown.


The ITA web application uses a Javascript client to poll the status of the export process by checking for the presence of a cookie. This cookie is only present when the export has succeeded or returned an error. The Javascript client has a hardcoded polling attempt limit of 2400 with 3-second intervals. If, for any reason, Javascript freezes or is unresponsive during polling, that time is not accounted for and will prolong the time it takes for the error to be displayed.

Note that the polling attempts error message does not indicate that the export process has finished or failed in SSAS.


Release : 2.9.1

Component : Export


Reconfigure the cube view to generate a smaller detail output set or increase the resources allocated to SSAS.

Additional Information

When you export a cube view to file from within the ITA console, the export process is initiated by the ITA web application service and handled by SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) via ADOMD.

When SSAS has finished generating the export file, the file content is loaded into the browser's memory buffer and the user is prompted to save the file to disk. A file could theoretically still be generated by SSAS even after the Javascript client has timed out if the browser session is left undisturbed, but is unlikely if more than two hours have passed without results.