How to know if a package was deployed to a node


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We would like to know if there is a command or procedure to verify if a package was deployed to a Dollar Universe 6 node.

We use in our scripts the uniimp command, having as input a package in xml format with some objects inside.


Requested for troubleshooting / audit reasons.


Release : 6.x

Component:Dollar Universe


In Dollar Universe 6, the place where we can verify if the Objects have been modified is the Audit Trail and the Deployment Hub.

If you perform a deployment of objects via UVC - Deployment Hub,  Send to,  or unidpl PKG, you will find the information in the Deployment Hub as follows, filtering by Origin Type - Package

By default, the retention for Audit Trail records is 90 days and for Deployment Hub records, it is 7 days.

If you import a xml (uniimp) you will only find the related objects creation / modification in the Audit Trail but you will not be able to establish the relationship between an Object and the Package where it comes from.

There is no relationship Package - Object in Dollar Universe, you should use a Version Control tool or custom solution for that matter.