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DX APM F5 Monitoring - metric reporting incorrect and how to limit metrics for pools


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Question 1: We deployed f5 extension version extension on we see that all metrics are static even for CPU Used and Memory Used 

Question 2: Is it possible to limit metrics for pools and rules to see only those pools and rules that we want to see. For example we would like to see only the cassiopae pools. Can we set a filter in the bundle.proberties file of the F5 plugin? If yes, can you give us an example?



1. The issue is related to defect # DE512318. 

2. It is NOT possible to limit metrics for pools.


APM SaaS Agent


Both issues are fixed in APM SaaS 21.9

If you need an immediate fix, contact Broadcom Support and request test fix available as part as defect DE512318


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