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Saved view not available across other hierarchies


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In 15.8.1 the Hierarchy Tree saved views were shared across hierarchies, but since upgrading to 15.9.2, the saved views appear to be instance-specific. 

What is the expectation? Should the views be shared across Hierarchies or has this functionality been removed?


When you save a view, it will not be available across other hierarchies.

In a nutshell, there could be objects and their custom attributes on one hierarchy instance that are not even used on another hierarchy instance.   If all saved views are shared across different hierarchy instances, there could be situations where you select a saved view, and nothing happens.  

Other scenarios where some of the objects/attributes could be relevant while others are not, where we'll need to pull out the non-relevant and keep relevant which is complicated to implement but how do you convey this to the end-users in a meaningful and uncomplicated way.

Due to the scenarios where one view could be valid on a given hierarchy, but not relevant for the other, Product Management decided it was a better user experience to keep the saved view for hierarchy simple which is instance only.

For more information, refer to the Technical documentation:

Clarity: Create and Edit Hierarchies