PAM Appliances are unable to connect and moving out of cluster when host changed on VMWare using vmotion


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


We are experiencing a high priority issue in CA PAM production version 3.4.2 . When we tried to move the appliances in a cluster from one host to another in Vmware, the appliances moved out of sync and PAM features become unavailable on the moved appliance. Please note that the current host and the new host where appliances moved are in same subnet, network and no firewall in between but the IP is not pingable. Vmotion caused the appliance to move out of cluster.

CA PAM V 3.4.2 offers the feature that Vmotion can be done gracefully. But this is not working and we are facing the issue with our appliance in Production. 

We tested the same in Non-production as well. The Vmotion of the appliances is working fine there.



Vmotion itself was not directly related to this issue. In this case the cause had more to do with the vlan network configuration which caused the network gateway to not be reachable from the destination ESXi host.


Release : 3.4.2

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Client resolved the CA PAM issue through resolving the underlying network issue in their vlan configuration which caused the IP to not be accessible to the rest of the network