Receiving a Late Alert hours before the first run of a jobstream for that day.


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I am receiving a Late alert on a jobstream, that shouldn't run until later in the day.


Release : 5.8.6



1. Enable the "Start" alert for the Jobstream.


2. Set the following loggers to DEBUG in the Configuration tool





3. When the issue occurs again, look for the Started alert in the jaws.log by searching for 

DEBUG [AlertGenerator] Generating new Alert for jobstream xxxxx

DEBUG [AlertGenerator] Alert Type is Started


Within the Alert you will be able to see "CURRENTLY_RUNNING_JOBS" which should show you which jobs are starting the jobstream run.

Make note of those jobs.


4. Run the queries below again using the jobs found in step 3 


--JawsJobAverage info for running jobs and target job. Will show you the frequency that the jobs run in comparison to the target job
select s.schedulerName, jj.*, jja.*
from JawsJob jj, JobScheduler s, JawsJobAverage jja
where jj.jobName IN ('job1', 'job2', 'job3','<Target Job>)
and jj.jobId = jja.jobId
and jj.jobSchedulerId = s.jobSchedulerId;
--JobProperty entries for three running jobs, will show you the properties of the jobs.

select s.schedulerName, jj.jobId, jj.jobName,, jp.*
from JawsJob jj, JobScheduler s, JobProperty jp, JobPropertyType jpt
where jj.jobName IN ('job1', 'job2', 'job3')
and jj.jobId = jp.jobId
and jp.jobPropertyTypeId = jpt.jobPropertyTypeId
and jj.jobSchedulerId = s.jobSchedulerId;
5. Please provide a screenshot of the Trimming tab of the jobstream or run the query below:
--JobStream_StartJob entries for Jobstream

select js.description, jssj.*, s.schedulerName, jj.jobId, jj.jobName
from JobStream js, JobStream_StartJob jssj, JawsJob jj, JobScheduler s
where js.description = '<JOBSTREAM NAME>'
and js.jobStreamId = jssj.jobStreamId
and jssj.jobId = jj.jobId
and jj.jobSchedulerId = s.jobSchedulerId
order by s.schedulerName, jssj.type, jj.jobName;
6. If you find that the Currently Running Jobs that are seen when the jobstream starts are running more frequently then the target job, then you may want to consider adding trimming for those jobs and excluding those jobs and their predecessors.
You may also be able to use a Start Job that runs as frequently as the Target job and that starts after the jobs seen in the Currently Running Jobs from step 3.