TOO LONG error when running Compliance Event Manager job CEMCCTLR


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Compliance Event Manager


When running Compliance Event Manager Job CEMCCTLR the following error is seen: 

CEM.xxxxxx.xxxxxx TOO LONG

Why is this error occurring?




The "TOO LONG" error occurs because Compliance Event Manager limits the number of characters for CEMHLQ + CEMMLQ to 14 characters. The same limit is also applies to CEMEHLQ + CEMEMLQ. This limit ensures that data sets that are created during configuration do not exceed 44 characters.

Either change what is specified for CEMHLQ + CEMMLQ and/or CEMEHLQ and CEMEMLQ to fit within the 14 character restriction or modify the REXX that is doing the length validation to allow the values that exceed the character length. This is done by modifying the CEMCCTRX member in the CCEMEXEC library.