CA7 upgrade rollout from V12 to v12.1


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CA 7 Workload Automation


For production rollout from V12 to V12.1, we need to know what are the steps we need to follow.

1) We will use same existing production CA7 V12.0 database datasets for V12.1 also?
2) Checkpoint dataset also, I can use existing production one?
3) For SQL plans we can use same one ?
4) Please let me know any specific steps, I need to follow for production rollout

And for back out also what steps we need to follow ?


Release : 12.1

Component :


 . It is always good practice to perform a backup of your environment prior to running in any changes.

If upgrading from CA7 Release 12.0: 

 . No database conversion is performed, so the existing database would be used. 
 . Re-assemble tables and any exits. 
 . Update the procedures/CLISTs, etc., if required.
 . Job AL2DCA70 is used to import new SQL plans. 
 . Job AL2DBI03 is used to rename SQL columns. 

For further information:

 . Configure Your Product Version 12.0 to Version 12.1
 . Referenced here:
 . .

Note: If you needed to back out to Release 12.0, then you do not need to submit the jobs again. 
      You would just pick up the 12.0 libraries, BUT please review the document titled, as this documents the backout process:

 . Back Out to a Version 12.0 Environment
 . . This article describes how to back out to a CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition Version 12.0 environment, when you must back off CA WA CA 7 Edition Version 12.1.
 . . Referenced here:
 . . .

Note: It is recommended that you test this upgrade plan in your test environment before running the upgrade in your production environment.

You can use the same Checkpoint dataset and Log datasets for CA7 Release 12.1, as there are no changes to the database as such. 

On your production environment you would have to run AL2DBI03 and AL2DCA70 as these are part of the CA7 12.1 upgrade process referred to earlier.


If you need to revert back to CA7 Release 12.0, please follow the revert instructions:

For more information: