Lost access to Security Analytics GUI


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Security Analytics


The GUI for Security Analytics cannot be accessed. 

The system may respond to ssh/putty requests.




The simple answer  for a short term solution is to power cycle the system using the power button.  You should first try to login as root using ssh using a tool like Putty.  If you can login using ssh, then check for disk space with df -h.  Is / (root) or /var 100% full?  Look for extra large files in both / and /root.  Look in /var/log for large files if /var/ is full.  There are Broadcom KnowledgeBase articles on this subject.

/var partition is filling up on Security Analytics and how to clean up disk space

Drive / (root) is 100% full in Security Analytics

If there are no full filesystems, then collect the logs and configuration by running csr.sh.  This may display a few warning messages but let it run to completion.  The total time may take 5-15 minutes to collect all of the logs.  The final file is stored in /home/csr and the size ranges from 100MB to 750MB depending on how the system is used.  Copy that file to your desktop and attach it to the case.

You may reboot the system from the command line with the command 'reboot'.  This will reboot the application.  Once the system is up, check for GUI access issues again.