[SYSLOAD] Slownliness in Analyst Rich Client


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CA Automic Sysload


The Analyst Rich Console takes a long time to load when editing several Enterprise Models.


The models were fully reloaded every time they were open on the Console.


Release : 6.0

Component : SYSLOAD


A fix is being worked on by Engineering.

It will introduce the features below : 

 The Enterprise Model is no more reloaded after add/delete/modify of an Event (or Entity, MetaMetric)
. The display of an Enterprise Model is no more hashed
. Optimization for Agent list to update
. If an Enterprise Model is modified by another console, it will be reloaded at the next open, except if it's already done during the notification

Some remarks
. Import/export of elements of Enterprise Model does not use cache.
. It's still possible to force a reload of an Enterprise Model (<F5>)
. The use of the cache may be disabled in a next version

Additional Information

Pending for release date of the official version 6.00 build 204.3.

We may provide the Devbuild if required.