Uproc Deployment fails with AccessDeniedException


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We are currently in the process of building new $U batch boxes. These boxes are being built to replace several existing boxes, which currently the team we are working with on this issue can deploy uprocs to. After building a couple of boxes, we have conducted some testing and it appears the team are unable to deploy uprocs to these new boxes. They are each set up in the exact same way as the existing boxes (i.e., they have the same node tags, applications, are on the same scheduler etc), and we have attempted to resync the permissions on more than one occasion, to no avail.

It is important to note that our team are administrators and are hence able to send uprocs to these boxes successfully - the other team were able to run tasks on each box successfully, however cannot deploy uprocs to these boxes. We have obtained the error output that they received in their logs within the UVC. The output is below:

|2021-08-05 15:59:56,277|ERROR||BackgroundWorker-23|com.orsyp.kmeleon.universe.UniverseBusiness|Problem during deployment of object [U_BBGBO_LIQUIDITY_SOURCES_FUTURES_FUTOPT][000] on [COMPANY/NODE/X]
|2021-08-05 15:59:56,278|ERROR||BackgroundWorker-23|com.orsyp.kmeleon.universe.deployment.UnifiedDeploymentBusiness$DeploymentAction|Problem occured during deployment of UPROC [U_BBGBO_LIQUIDITY_SOURCES_FUTURES_FUTOPT][000] on NODE/X
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.MessageReader.getSpecificException(MessageReader.java:293)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.MessageReader.toException(MessageReader.java:173)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.MessageReader.readResult(MessageReader.java:118)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.MessageReader.read(MessageReader.java:72)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.AbstractObjectSaver.save(AbstractObjectSaver.java:92)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.uproc.OwlsUprocImpl.save(OwlsUprocImpl.java:212)
at com.orsyp.owls.impl.uproc.OwlsUprocImpl.create(OwlsUprocImpl.java:98)

We can see from the AccessDeniedException that this is a clear permissions problem, however removing and re-registering the box to attempt to resync the boxes has unfortunately not worked.

We also built another box to ensure this was not a mere set-up error, but testing confirmed this was not the case.

We would appreciate any advice and possible solutions to this problem.


Uproc naming convention not bing respected as the Role that End Users with the problem had attached to its Group only authorizes to create uprocs named U_DD_* as seen below:

In the error message, we could see that the uproc name was U_BBGBO_LIQUIDITY_SOURCES_FUTURES_FUTOPT but the Role would only authorize Uprocs named U_DD_*


Release : 6.x



Normal behavior: the current Role definition should not allow users to create uprocs with a name other than U_DD_* .

Solution: rename the uprocs to respect the convention U_DD_* or modify the Role definition replacing the U_DD_* by U_BB* or similar