Can we forbid a Login to connect to a UVMS Subordinate


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In a UVMS Master / Architecture architecture, all the UVC Logins are administered in the Master UVMS and hence they are all replicated in all the UVMS Subordinates.

There is a particular user that is the v5 administrator user that would like to be forbidden to be connected to some UVMS Subordinates, is there a way to restrict this particular user to connect to some UVMS Subordinates?


Release : 6.x

Component : Univiewer Manamagent Server


In master/subordinate architecture all the Logins are defined at the Master UVMS and hence all Logins are pushed to all the Subordinate UVMS so it's not possible to restrict a particular Login to connect to a Subordinate UVMS.

The only thing that can be done is at the Group / Roles / Node View levels where security must be defined so that no node from the particular UVMS Subordinate can be seen when connecting to this Particular UVMS, but still the user will be able to see the version 5 nodes.

An idea for a product enhancement can be opened in the communities