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CA EZT: Failing SMP/E messages GIM65902E while applying CARS maintenance.


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Getting SMP/E messages while applying CARS.

                                      DISTRIBUTION ZONE RMID CBAAB60 IS DIFFERENT FROM THE TARGET ZONE RMID RO86966,      
                                      AND ITS RMID RO86966 IS NOT IN THE SMPPTS.                                          
                                      DISTRIBUTION ZONE RMID CBAAB60 IS DIFFERENT FROM THE TARGET ZONE RMID RO86966,      
                                      AND ITS RMID RO86966 IS NOT IN THE SMPPTS.                                          
                                      DLIB AND ITS RMID RO86966 IS NOT IN THE SMPPTS.                                     


CA Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6.


LU01466 is an Easytrieve PTF being applied to the CBAAB60 Easytrieve FMID.  This PTF is listed as

CA Easytrieve Report Generator 11.6 1
CA RS 2107 Service List

RO86966 is also a CA Easytrieve PTF.  

Please ensure that the correct CA Easytrieve CSI's SMPe Environment has been selected.

Also, please ensure that Common Services 14.0 is not selected as one of the functions. 

Release 14.0 did include the CA Easytrieve product as part of Common Services.  Starting with 14.1, this is now a separate installation.