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A TPX / MFA user observes ACF01072 INVALID LOGON but can still logon to the TPX Main menu.


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TPX - Session Management


......... ACF01072     INVALID LOGON.
The above message is displayed when,
a MFA user logging on to TPX can enter ANYTHING in the password field, hit enter, the above error msg. response is displayed in TEN0025 TPX panel and the user is transferred to the TPX main menu, even when, the password is incorrect.


Missing entry in SAMT table.


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for Z/OS


Since there is no entry for this message in the SAMT for ACF2 table, the 'action' will default to <#DFLTMSG> 
Based on the following entry in the SAMT, user is Allowed to proceed.

Return Code/                 Cursor      Suppress  
 Message ID      Action     Position     Message   
  #DFLTMSG         A <ALLOW>                N      
To address this, add the following statement in the ACF2 SAMT table.
#0001072         R <REJECT>               N

This will reject the invalid logon and prevent the present behavior.
PF3 till SAMT SAVED prompt is observed. 

  RELOAD SAMT=ACF2 to dynamically change behavior.