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How to Renew the Appliance Key with no internet access


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


If the box is not connected to the internet i.e. closed network then it won't be possible to renew the appliance key using the solution outlined in:






Closed network


Via management console:

- Select the Configuration > SSL > Appliance Certificates > Create CSR

Copy the certificate signing request and visit
Follow the instructions there to obtain an appliance certificate. See print screen below. 

- Once you have clicked on "Generate Certificate" it will create the signed certificate:

- It is not currently possible to import the signed certificate into the appliance-key keyring in the gui.
The import button is greyed out:

You can however import the signed certificate into the appliance-key keyring using the cli.
In order to do this you need to ssh or serial to the ProxySG and then login.

Then go into conf t mode and then ssl

ProxySG#(config ssl)
inline certificate appliance-key eof

 the signed certificate