Invoking a dashboard for a region on CICSLIST


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Is there any way to start a user dashboard for a specific CICS region from CICSLIST command display?



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


If you want to invoke a user dashboard for a region on CICSLIST, then you have to create a user external line command in the LINECMDS parmlib member.

External line commands have special variables named &F_fldname that can be used in the line command definition for context.

For example, the following entry defines the external command AZCICS, which invokes a dashboard with the same name:

CICSLIST AZCICS     3 DESC 'Dashboard using Linecmds'
                      OPTS NAV
                      CMD  RXDISP DASHBORD AZCICS &F_NAME


On CICSLIST enter line command AZCICS beside the desired region, and the value in the Name field on that row will be passed to the dashboard.
For  external line command examples, please take a look at the xxxxLCMD parmlib members.


Additional Information

Doc for user line commands:
Or in SYSVIEW issue TOPICS;F 'User defined line commands'