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rsp probe not discovering servers on centos os


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Need to enable agent less monitoring on Centos 8 server but rsp probe is not able to discover the server 



Release : 9.2.0/20.x.x

Component : UIM - RSP 5.50


sudo user admin created to use in rsp probe 

Can see below errors in log

Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: run_command_Others: - Command Timeout
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: run_command_Others: Received an error - 3. Raising Alarm
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: run_data_gathering: Failed to execute command /bin/uname -s -v -r -m
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: get_ostype: failed to find OS
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: thrDiscoverHost: - connection timed out
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp:  Time taken in
Jul  1 11:19:49:021 [8908] rsp: SREPLY: status = 0(OK) ->xx.xx.xx.xx:56064

Manual logging with same admin user on Centos server and the command works ok 

Below changes done on /etc/sudoers file 

1) Add the sudo user say admin  in wheel group if not already done

usermod -aG wheel <username>

usermod -aG wheel admin

2) Move the % wheel line above the users as in below snapshot in /etc/sudoers file

%wheel  ALL=(ALL)       ALL


After these changes the target centos 8 server is able to be discovered and monitored by rsp probe successfully