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No "copy url" option for Kafka Virtual Service


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Service Virtualization


We are able to now get a Kafka VS up and running in our environment. The problem is there is no "copy URL" option for the VS. 


Release : 10.6

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There is No "copy url" option for Kafka Virtual Service because Kafka like other Messaging systems does not realy have a have a URL.  Kafka has Topics ( JMS has Queues. Here is an Example of a JMS Service. A Virtual Service for Kafka virtualizes a backend service that utilizes Kafka as the transport protocol, it DOES NOT virtualize Kafaka. You can either subscribe to the topics already in use or create a Proxy topics and change the producer/consumers to use those and have SV use those topics. The Kafka Broker and Topics are contained in the config file configuration assets and the topics can be seen (but not copied) if you hover over the Resource/Type.
JMS has Queues. Here is an Example of a JMS Service, there is also no copy URL