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How can I compare ETCs to what posts


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Clarity PPM SaaS


Is there a report or screen that we can view/export for a project what the ETCs were vs what the actuals are now?


Release : 15.6.1



There is no report to show this.

Because ETC updates when timesheets post the values are moving targets.


Some options are:s. 

  • Create  2 reports which can be scheduled.  These can be ad-hoc or other reports.  One should be scheduled to run before timesheets post tto snapshot ETC and maybe actual  You may want to report by resource only, or you can add project/assignments as well. 
    •  The reports sshould be in a table format so it can be exported to Excel..  You would have to manually compare the scheduled on that ran before timesheets post to the actual posted hours.
  • Baseline the project after ETC has been assigned and then you can compare baseline to actuals and earned value amounts.  You can set As Of dates for these to compare before and after timesheets post as well.