Using the Gen Nexttran function to call transactions from a different model


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Attempting to use the Gen Nexttran function to call a transaction in another model per the command:
Set Nexttran to "transaction name"

Can this be done?



Release: 8.63

Component: CA Gen Run Time, GUI



While making generated transactions to another model through nexttran using set command in the pad and make sure whether trancode conform to the requirements of the teleprocessing monitor and the receiving transaction.

The NEXTTRAN field must be formatted correctly for the receiving transaction. The trancode and any unformatted input data must be valid to the receiving transaction. The maximum string size for NEXTTRAN is 80 characters.


 The GUI runtime does not support NEXTTRAN.

If the "flow" to the new transaction does not include passing data, then aside from an EAB, the simplest option would be to use Gen Launch function.  This function can launch an executable provided the location (ex: FUNCTION Launch("c:\msoffice\winword\winword.exe")

 Try using the 'Launch' function to start/launch the module from the 'other' model and pass in clear screen input.   

The below  KD for the launch command, the KD was written to launch a web URL but it can used to launch an executable (the other applications module) and pass clear screen input if that module was designed to accept clear screen input, (say the operator number).  

Other option would be to handle this via an external action block (eab), pass the operator number thru  the eab views and perform the call to the other application in the external. 

Reference options 1 and 3 from the following knowledge document: 

Starting a web browser URL session from Gen GUI C application