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CA Common Services for z/OS


Additional details regarding CA Common Services 15.0 HIPER PTF - LU02348?

  • What introduced the problem
  • What is the exposure
  • Why was it marked HIPER


The error was introduced with CCS z/OS 2.3 compatibility/supportability

  • CCS 14.1 PTF RO93293 (this release is EOS)
  • CCS 15.0 GA delivery


Release : 15.0
Component : CA Resource Initialization Manager


The potential problem that this PTF resolves was not something reported externally by a customer, but rather something uncovered by one of Broadcom's developers while working on a product enhancement.

As the PTF states, the problem involves extended SMF records, which was first introduced with z/OS 2.3 (September 29, 2017). The error was introduced with our z/OS 2.3 support (CCS 14.1 PTF RO93293 and 15.0 GA delivery). So, as you can see the potential has existed for quite some time. Any product (IBM, Broadcom, etc...) that wants to create an extended SMF record will encounter the problem. All other processing continues as expected. This has to do with SMF record creation, not SMF customization.

The reason we marked this a HIPER because we broke standard IBM functionality. By definition a HIPER (High Impact/Pervasive) PTF resolves a severe problem that can have a high impact, or it can resolve a low-impact but pervasive problem. The problem corrected with this PTF is classified as low-impact but pervasive. However, since no one has reported any problem to CA/Broadcom since z/OS 2.3 went GA, it appears not to be very pervasive. 

The PTF can be installed at anytime and implemented without an IPL by running CAIRIM (CAS9) with the following control card in the CARIMPRM member: