Group Permissions to be able to check and see User Activity


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In an Incident Management Ticket, under the "Process History", you have Filter. In Filter, there is the checkbox for "User Activity".
What Group permissions are needed so a group can view the ticket and check the box to see "User Activity" in the "Process History"?

Giving the default "Can View" permission is not enough. 


It appears we've coded that filter to be considered an admin level filter and requires admin permission to enabled / disable. There is a workaround to this, however, it will enable anyone who has the ability to view the incident to see the User Activity as it will be forced enabled and can only then be hidden when an admin looks at the incident and decided to disable the filter.

This is what a normal user would see if they clicked the filters after making the change. For administrators, the filter window would appear normal.


ServiceDesk 8.5, 8.6


We recommend using the Automation Rules for a certain group to have read, edit, and Admin access to tickets if they need to see that information.

There are only two ways to set the ability to see the Process History's User Activity:

  1. Have Administrative Rights to the Ticket through an Automation Policy or
  2. Give a group the "Portal.SuperAdmin" permission.

The Group Permission Portal.SuperAdmin gives the group this permission on all tickets. If you want to allow everyone to see the User Activity and not be able to disable it, you can modify the page and enable that filter by default. However, as mentioned above, that will allow everyone who has rights to look at an incident to see the user activity.