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Red Hat Channel Import Failed - Rhsm: Entitlement isn't valid.


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Server Management Suite


The Red Hat Channel Import is failing, and we see warnings and errors in the Notification Server (NS) logs indicating all entitlements are invalid.

In the NS logs, you see this sequence:

Verifying RHN subscriptions... 

Rhsm: Entitlement isn't valid. Consumer Uuid <unique code> for <various RH products>. It will be repaired... 

Rhsm: Products without entitlement will be excluded from supported product list(<various RH products>(<unique code>)):
id:69 name:'Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 
It's channels will not be available till repair.

Rhsm: Entitlement isn't valid. Consumer <various RH products> (uuid:<unique code>) has invalid entitlement for products:

Rhsm: Products without entitlement will be excluded from supported product list

Please check that RHN licenses and credentials are valid. There is nothing to import

Channel import failed, check Altiris Log for detailed information.



Simple Content access for Red Hat Subscription Management was enabled as below:


Release: 8.x



Disable Simple Content access

Additional Information

For additional reasons the channel import may fail, see the article, Unable to download Red Hat Linux Channels to start Patch Management Import for Linux, or Patch Management Import fails