TSV fields should NOT be allowed on Blueprint properties module


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Starting in 15.9.3, you can have custom Time-varying (TSV) fields on Objects, but Blueprints are incorrectly allowing the administrator to place the field on the PROPERTIES Module. 

When this type of field is added into the blueprint, the end-user will see [Object Object] in the field and won't see any data value.


  • The Custom TSV on a Custom Master Object is NOT available for configuration on the Blueprint. 
  • The Custom TSV is NOT available for selection on the DETAILS Fly-out configuration. 


  1. Create a CUSTOM Time-Varying field on the Project Object or some Custom Investment Type (Make sure to set the API Attribute ID)
  2. Go to Modern User Experience (UX), Administration, Blueprints 
  3. Create or use an existing user-defined Blueprint for the Project Object 
  4. Edit the PROPERTIES Module, select the new custom TSV field created in Step #1 and place it on the layout 
  5. Publish the Blueprint 
  6. Go to Projects, associate the Blueprint to a project and navigate to the PROPERTIES Module 

Expected Results: Time-varying fields should not be in the list for selection for configuration on the Blueprint PROPERTIES Module. 

Actual Results: The field is available for Blueprint configuration and it shows [Object Object] as the data value in the field to the end-user. 


Caused by: DE62267


Release: Clarity 15.9.3

Component: Clarity Blueprints / Administration


This issue is fixed in 16.0. Note: If you already configured a TSV field on a Blueprint in 15.9.3, it will not be automatically removed as part of this fix. You will have to manually remove it. 

Workaround in 15.9.3: Do not add the custom Time-Varying field to the Blueprint PROPERTIES Module layout.