Updating a job thru iXp using 'jil' or "Edit job" times out


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CA Workload Automation iXP


When trying to update a job thru iXp, it hangs and finally times out and the modification hasn't been done.


The default method for iXp to execute sendevent/jil is like

/bin/sh -c  "sendevent"

However when the Admin sets the "Sendevent Shell Command" or "JIL Shell Command" it changes the default shell invocation method to something else.
Here are some examples

/bin/bash -c

/bin/ksh -c   #Only for Solaris systems that still have ksh maybe



In the iXpAdminTool, selecting "Instance" and under "Command Line" the following 2 fields were emptied.

Sendevent Shell Command: <removed this entry, now blank>

JIL Shell Command: <removed this entry, now blank>

After saving these config changes, no need to restart iXp server, the JIL/JobEditor changes started working.