How to Increase Database reconnection attempts for autosys scheduler


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


Autosys server does not automatically reconnect to the database if the DB is not available for a while. 
How can I get Autosys to try to reconnect this number of times that I define?


Release : 12.0

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Below Two parameters could be increased:


1. DBLibWaitTime

This parameter is very important that the value specified in config file is in seconds and default value is 90 seconds. which means if the database is down it will wait until the connection attempts will be dropped.

You may increase this value as well.

2. DBEventReconnect

The DBEventReconnect parameter controls the number of times the scheduler or application server tries to connect (or reconnect) to an event server before shutting down or before rolling over to single event server mode. 

In single event server mode, the default setting specifies that the scheduler tries to connect to the event server 50 times before shutting down. That is, the scheduler tries to reconnect 50 times both on startup or when there is a connection problem.

- set it in $AUTOUSER/config.<INS> file

Note: Need to restart Scheduler for parameters to take effect.


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