CA Disk Datacom database index (IXX) is 92% full - will it dynamically extend?


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS



The index (IXX) for one of our CA Disk Datacom databases is currently at 92% full. Once it reaches 100% will it dynamically extend? The Disk Integration documentation states :

"The CA Disk database data sets have been defined to automatically extend while space remains". The IXX file was allocated with a secondary extent and there is plenty of free space on the volume where it resides. For peace of mind, is there a command or job that can be run to verify if the IXX file was defined to dynamically extend?



Release : 12.5

Component : CA Disk Backup and Restore


Suggested the user to run the DBUTLTY to get the information for the IXX and to verify that dyanmic extend was = Y. 

Provided the JCL to check. The user was satisfied with the results and asked to close the case. The dynamic extend was set to 150 CYL for the secondary in the original setup.


1. User ran the report and it said DYNAMIC EXTEND - YES. It also says: DYN.EXT.TRACKS -      0. Does that need to be set to some non-zero value or does the MUF just use the secondary allocation amount set for the IXX data set by default?

2. To verify that the IXX is defined to dynamically to extend you can execute DBUTLTY.

/SYSIN     DD *           

3. This should create a a report where you can do a find on "IXX' and verify that DYNAMIC EXTEND is equal to YES.


4. It will use what was put in secondary allocation when it was initially allocated in the IXX.

For example;;; 

//IXX770   DD DISP=(NEW,CATLG),                      
//               DSN=APCDAL.LVL1R12.IXX770,             
//               VOL=SER=(LOAN12,APCD26,APCD24,APCD25),
//               SPACE=(CYL,(3000,0150)),

in the above case it will take dynamic extent of 150 cyls