Scheduled report not triggering


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Our KPI  report got triggered almost after 11 hours after its scheduled time.

Also, even once triggered it is showing incomplete graphs/data for the day. It seems there is refresh delay between calculation completion and report updation.



Internal/OE_SERVICE_ERROR Scheduler Scheduler unable to perform schedule ReportsScheduler.cpp


Release : 8.35

Component : BSI - Other


Identified  scheduled reports which are failing and found SEND_WHEN_READY flag is set,When scheduler is triggered for report generation,we have a flag until ready don't send the report,all the failed reports has this flag set at the same time stamp for some reports,

Requested customer to duplicate and uncheck the "Pending until report is ready",

Change the report schedule time for failed ones at different intervals

Schedule 5 reports for daily and remaining 5 with weekly by selecting all days.


NO EXPORT INFO. schedule error comes when there is no report info is available during that schedule.