% Complete value incorrect at project


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We have a project where the % Complete value is not proper. 

Even if the formula % Complete = Completed Duration / Total Duration gives %100 (All tasks are completed and their all %completes are %100), the project %complete value is %68. 

What can be the cause?


The % Complete value is updated by the Update % Complete job. The job processes any projects where a task IS_PCT_DIRTY flag is set to 1.

It is suspected that the flag was not properly updated when the tasks % Complete was last updated


When a project task is updated, the corresponding IS_PCT_DIRTY flag is also updated at the PRTASK table.

When the job runs, any project where a task flag is set to 1 is processed and the % Complete is recalculated.


1. Look at the PRTASK table

        a. Check the PRTASK table and look at the PRPCTCOMPLETE column.

        b. Compare the values with the ones shown in the UI

        c. If any discrepancies at a given task, edit the task in the UI and click save. The IS_PCT_DIRTY flag will be set to 1 so the next job run processes it.

2 Update the % Complete method to manual. Reset it back to Duration/Effort and run the Update % Complete job