Maintenance schedules view empty in Operator Console


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After restarting services on the core servers like Primary /OC /CABI  it is observed that there are no maintenance schedules defined in the schedules view in Operator console

When looking for a specific server in inventory the associated schedules are seen


At the database level, all maintenance schedules are seen

Also having issue to create new schedules from the groups menu in Operator console 



Release : 20.3.x

Component :Operator Console


After reboot of the UIM servers the maintenance_mode probe took a higher port number like 48065

The port range between the Primary hub and OC servers were only opened in the 48000-48050 range 

Due to this the OC was not able to communicate correctly with the maintenance mode probe 

After opening additional range of ports on the firewall between the Primary hub and OC server the maintenance schedules are able to be retrieved successfully and populated in OC