WSSA reports a “No user logged on at physical console” error and fails to connect the service.


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Web Security Service - WSS


WSS Agents reports the following error on the UI and the agent fails to get connected to the service. 


This issue generally happens when logging in to a machine via RDP


This error is encountered when a user is not logged in to the computer from the physical console (where the keyboard, monitor, and mouse are physically connected to it). For example, a user connected through Remote Desktop (RDP). If this is a required environment, re-install WSS Agent with the Multiple Concurrent Users (MCU) option enabled. uninstall the agent and then reinstall it from a command prompt using the command below;

msiexec -i \Path\To\wssa-installer.msi MCU=1

Please replace “\Path\To\wssa-installer.msi” with the path and filename of your WSS agent MSI installer file.