MFA Started task abends with "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError" during start with ZIP processor turned on the IBM z15 System.


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Advanced Authentication Mainframe


We are in the process of installing a z15 8562.T02. We have 2 zip processor which are online. When we start MFA it abends with: JVMDUMP039I Processing dump event "systhrow", detail "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError" at 2021/08/24 15:22:32 - please wait.    



Release : 2.0

Component : Advanced Authentication Mainframe


To diagnose why the address space is failing to create new threads, issue the following:
1. The OMVS options on the LPAR (/D OMVS,O on the MVS console)
2. The OMVS segment of the AAM STC

The return codes on the out of memory error are pointing to the MAXTHREADS/MAXTHREADTASKS sizes being insufficient.

Dynamically update the values with the following command in the MVS console:



And then restart the started task MFASTC (ADVANCED AUTHENTICATION MAINFRAME)

Update corresponding BPXPRM parameters for the new settings so that they will be a permanent change and picked up during next IPL.


For reference, these are IBM's minimum recommended values for Java: