About initialization value of a output area in Easytrieve R11.1.


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After the latest Easytrieve R11.1 was installed, the initialization value for a output area of a output file was changed as follows from the old Easytrieve releases. (R11.0 and lower.)
R11.0 : NULL
R11.1 : SPACE

Was the initialization value for a output area of a output file changed? How should the initialization value is changed to NULL?




Release : 11.1

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator for UNIX


The easytrieve_aix_20210825.tar was created to add the FILEFILL parameter in a EZTOPTBL. 


1.) backup the current easytrieve installation

2.) cd <easytrieve installation directory>

3.) tar -xf easytrieve_aix_20210825.tar 
# it'll update the content of the bin directory (executables and libraries)

A new runtime option was added to the options table:

It allows to set the fill character, that is used to initialized the file output buffer. The default is FILEFILL=S (since 2014), which sets the fill character to the space character (0x20). The FILEFILL=Z sets the fill character to zero (0x00), which matches the behaviour before 2014.

To update the EZTOPTBL: go to the directory where EZOPTBL is stored and run this command:

    echo "FILEFILL Z" | etopload -b -l