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Link from WSS Console to CASB Audit not working


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Web Security Service - WSS CASB Audit


Error 'Invalid Tenant Identifier' is returned when clicking link to CASB from WSS Console.


From WSS Console, top right corner (drop down menu), select 'Cloud App Audit'

The following error is returned, "Single Sign On Error, Invalid Tenant Identifier"





• Customer tenant was using accounts that are generic and that are not bound to CloudSOC. 

• The customer adds users to WSS portal and not to CASB Portal.

• Since SSO requires a 1:1 username mapping between ss<->casb portal and thats not happening we get this error.




The customer must have 1:1 mapping between CloudSOC and WSS portal for users.

If a user comes from WSS portal -> CloudSOC without this, they will get the error referenced here.