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ASM SaaS API doesn't filter results for monitors Using CDD ASM Integration Plugins.


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We've been testing the updated version this afternoon, but we've found there is an issue with the new version. 

CDD Plugin version currently 1.2-2 

Before and after patch status for both task types below:

Task to run a monitor
- Previously the issue was that when using the '@' symbol to use auto-complete would throw an error.  When manually entering the monitor name, the task would run properly.
- After the patch, using the auto-complete option now works.  It seems to run successfully regardless of if auto-complete is used or not.

Task to enable/disable a monitor
- Previously, the issue was that when using the '@' symbol to use auto-complete would throw an error (applies to both the directory name and monitor name).  When manually entering the directory & monitor names the task would still throw an error.  This made the feature unusable as there was no workaround.
- After the patch it is possible to use auto-complete on both the directory and the monitor names.  When running the task if auto-complete is used for the directory name, then  the task does nothing.  The task says that it was successful, but the monitor is never enabled or disabled.  Only if the directory name is manually entered will the task work as expected.  Manually entering the directory and using auto-complete for the monitor works as expected.  Expected behaviour is that both directory and monitor names could use auto-complete and the task should still enable/disable monitors as expected.


Per CDD PM, it should work.


Release : SAAS

Component :


Retested the plugin and it is now functioning as expected. 

 IT does seem that when disabling or enabling monitors that it can take 10+ seconds for the state of the monitor to actually be changed.