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"Cannot add this component here" appears due to missing form element options in Catalog


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CA Service Catalog


Somehow, the Select + Select Option form system components disappeared in our development environment.  I found a table named USM_FORM_ENTITIES and the Select item (form_entity_id = 13) and Option item (form_entity_id = 14) are in our production environment but not development.

What is the safest way to restore all of the out-of-the-box form system components in our development environment without affecting any of the custom forms we have created thus far?

Access Service Catalog as an Admin user, under tab "Catalog", sub-tab "Forms".  Expected elements highlighted in red

Missing elements described below:


In some cases of a 17.2 RU update, the USM_FORM_ENTITIES table may not be updated correctly and may lose certain elements during post-install steps.

The missing post install step is critical and can cause different issues related to the form or request, as explained in the following scenario:

Catalog request queued and status unknown after Catalog upgrade


Release : 17.2 and higher

Component :  CA Service Catalog


The easiest way to address the issue will be to restore the missing elements from a database backup.

One can restore just the two entries mentioned (form_entity_id = 13 and form_entity_id = 14) on table USM_FORM_ENTITIES.  One could also import the same two entries from another Catalog instance's database into the affected instance's database, so long as the TENANT_ID and CREATED_BY fields are consistent from the prod database instance.  

While either of the above options should restore the given entries while preserving any custom form content, a backup of the database should be taken before making such a change.

Additional Information

A consequence of the above scenario is that end users may not be able to add a form element or import content from another Catalog instance.  For instance, one tries to add a new radio button group to a catalog form, even a new form and folder, and a message would present saying "Cannot add this component here" and a follow up message stating "An error has occurred.  Contact the System Administrator"